Here at Motorex, we stand behind each Nissan Skyline we import. Each car must meet our highest standard before leaving Japan. Our Skyline’s are bought at 1 of 3 used Nissan dealerships to ensure quality. All Skylines we buy in Japan are as stock as possible along with the cleanest body and interior available. As for the mileage most cars we pick have around 36,0000 miles. Engines are compression tested and all electrical is checked. If you look through our stock list and can’t find what you are looking for we are also able to special order Skylines from Japan. Working with our agent in Japan the process of finding your Skyline is easy. We work with you each step of way, from your first phone call, locating the vehicle in Japan down to the end when we hand you over the keys. The special order process does cost $500.00. Rest a sure the money goes towards the value of the car once located and imported. Once the vehicle is at the Port of Los Angeles the average wait time on the conversion process takes 6-8 months. The conversion process includes Dot approval, EPA testing and the paper work to clear the car for U.S. street use. We are also able to ship your Skyline to your front door if you wish. If you have any future questions please call. For futher reference on our process please visit