Motorex's finders agreement form lets Motorex Inc. act in your behalf in the process of locating Nissan Skyline in Japan. Please read it over carefully. First, fill out your personal information such as your name and address, etc. Next fill in the year, make and model of Nissan Skyline you wish for. Include your top 3 color chooses you would like your Nissan Skyline. Finally Sign and date the bottom of the form. Fax the form back to Motorex at Fax: 310-523-2235. To be sure we have received your form it is always good practice to call and conform we have received your form, Motorex inc. Tel: (310) 523-2233. Keep in mind there is a $500.00 finders fee which lets Motorex Inc. begin the finding process. The $500.00 does go towards the value of the vehicle. Also, once the car is agreed upon and shipped to the port of Los Angeles %50 of the process/ vehicle will be due, the other %50 is due upon release of the vehicle to the owner. If during any time in this process you wish to call please do so. To down load each file/ image: PC copy and paste onto desktop, MAC drag file/ onto desktop.